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Diana Ross’s Son is Banging Brody Jenner’s Ex of the Day

In life changing news you really need to know, Evan Ross, Diana Ross’ son is dating an underwear model named Cora Skinner who used to date Brody Jenner. I guess she’s into guys who live off their parents’ success, or maybe guys who live off their parents’ success like girls who have big tits but aren’t really actual underwear models.
She’s more like one of those bottom feeding sluts who moved to LA with a portfolio of pictures her friend in photography class took of her in her underwear. One of those self-proclaimed underwear models that landed some low level jobs that involved her in her underwear for companies who needed pics of a chick worth seeing in her underwear in her underwear, but couldn’t afford the high prices a real model would charge.

We have girls like this all over the city and they do the same thing as Cora by trying to sleep their way into becoming famous because getting naked didn’t work for them like it was supposed to. Despite the obvious fact that they are failures who just don’t have what it takes, but instead bottom feed, they still manage to walk around with their noses in the air like they are fuckin’ superstars and I seriously hate that snobby cunt behavior, especially when bitch isn’t clearly as hot as she thinks she is. Cunts….

The biggest joke in all this is that this nobody slut sells 8×10 pictures of herself . Who the fuck told her that was a good idea and if she came up with it herself, that is the high maintenance ego I was talking about, cuz she is a nobdoy but doesn’t realize she’s a nobody. If people are actually buying this shit, they deserve to be shot for being fucking an idiots and for encouraging this whore..

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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