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Diana Vickers in a Bikini of the Day


Diana Vickers was semi-finalist on The X Factor in 2008…..that she’s leveraged into some kind of very very very low level career…

She’s also in a bikini…

Fascinating things these girls do on social media and for the paparazzi to generate some buzz. It’s like it never gets old…”I know, I’ll put on a bikini and people will care about me, even though I’ve done zero since 2008 when I was a finalist on X-Factor”…

Maybe if she was hotter…this story would pan out differently for her…or maybe people just don’t love low level talent…making low level songs like this:

Garbage…but at least she’s trying as hard as she can..


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Diana Vickers Outty Vagina in her Bikini of the Day

Diana Vickers is one of the new generation girls from the UK who actually has teeth and a bit of a body that you don’t mind seeing in a bikini, who you probably would want to fuck if you happened to be on the beach and saw her walking by, because she’s got a vagina, a vagina that by the looks of it is very fucking meaty, like some kind of alien invasion, or hormone in the food, genetically modified dick clit hybrid, all filling her Speedos like a European man…an outty vagina you’d probably want to give a handjob to you sick fuck.

Here’s a video of her…

Here’s the pics….

To see the rest of the pics click here

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Some Chick Named Diana Vickers Lip Slip of the Day

Diana Vickers is some 2008 UK X-Factor semi-finalist who doesn’t really matter, and I guess who realizes she doesn’t really matter, so when she got on stage promoting her recently dropped album, I’m talking July 21st recently dropped album, cuz she’s not into wasting anymore time, I mean 5 years later and still an unkown, make as big a bang as possible while people are watching and the paparazzi are around, and what better way than to flash your pussy to the crowd…and i have no choice but to respect her hustle..cuz I love pussy and I love no name bitches who use their pussy to become low level famous bitches…it’s better than using their pussy to get pregnant and trap a dude for life….much better.

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