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Puff Daddy’s Annoying Blog of the Day

Diddy has offered the Mayor of New York City a million dollars to change the color of the New York New Year’s Eve Ball to the Blue of his Vodka’s logo. So this is some publicity stunt that I don’t really understand, but it’s got something for to do with Diddy trying to control and influence the world, or at least feel like he is, so he can sit in some gay club somewhere, dancing with men, pointing at the screen telling his minions that he manipulated New York City with cold hard cash. He’s also handing out 15 dollar taxi debit cards to random people so they get home safe, and that’s a solid idea, except for the fact that I bet he’s only printing up 1000 of those to give out, so it’s not like he’s a fucking hero…he’s just doing enough to make him think he’s a fucking hero.

What it comes down to is that if any of you ever drink Ciroc, and I find out about it, you will not be allowed on my website anymore. Drinkin this shit is not working towards getting this guy to disappear….

Puff Daddy has another blog because he thinks the world cares about him and he shoves shit down everyone’s throat to remind us that he’s still around, like a little bitch crying for attention. Here he goes on a rant about “Jesus Christ Birthday” and how people who believe deserve respect and that we should say “Merry Christmas” despite the whole bullshit politically correct “happy holiday shit”.

I think that whole happy holiday shit’s been blown out of proportion, by calling public Christmas trees the Holiday tree, and local governments have meeting trying to figure this shit out like it’s a real fucking issue, when everyone knows it’s a fucking Christmas tree, but we shouldn’t assume everyone celebrates Christmas because some people think Jesus is bullshit and don’t like being treated like an idiot who thinks he died for their sins, so when I was buying a coffee and I was feeling in the holiday spirit, I would say Happy Holidays to people, because it is the fucking Holidays and I don’t fucking know if they are jew or muslim or a non-believer or any other religion that doesn’t celebrate Christmas, so it’s just easier that way and respectful to others and I don’t see a fucking issue in saying that, but since Diddy only cares about himself and has no fucking respect, I guess it’s really worth bitching about for him….

Even though Jesus wasn’t even born December 25th, and religion is a fucking man made joke to control the population, so Christmas is just about spending money on people you don’t really care about, by getting them things they don’t really need, to encourage consumption and to help the economy, and to mix in spending time with your family that you’d probably rather not be spending time with, like I’d rather not be watching and writing about Diddy Blogs…

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