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Dionne Lees the Gymnast with Vitiligo of the Day

Dionne Lees is some Scottish chick who was apparently an international Gymnast with Vitiligo, like she’s some Michael Jackson, only actually white, and who thought her Vitiligo was just a bad tan line, before realizing it was a skin disease, since Scottish people never see the sun and girl was just pasty white her entire life, until catching her first tan and seeing that it was uneven…

Well, like all girls everywhere, she’s embracing her handicap, that isn’t really a handicap and is more of a condition, that I guess isn’t deemed marketable or mainstream, even though there are at least two high fashion models with Vitiligo…and she’s taking ownership on her issue in a “Vitiligo” lives matter…and they do matter…especially when in bikini…

Because Dionne understands clickbait and the importance of a bikini pic, while that bikini pic has a reason, like empowerment for a disorder….and isn’t just shameless..

I like her thinking….and her big spotty titties..

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