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Slutty Kids Dancing Video of the Day

Everyone knows that B-More revolutionized party music and are the reason hip hop’s gone electro, but there’s some other shit going down in Baltimore that I don’t know if it’s a trend, but it is pretty fucking dirty and that’s a group of 14 year olds dirty fucking dancing in some skimpy fucking clothes. Now I don’t know if that ass shakin’ in the video is on an ass that belongs to a 14 year old, but I do know seeing some punk kid getting grinded hard, will probably lower your self esteem because you have never had that kind of swagger in your life and I like to post it to remind you that you suck at life and have less game than a fuckin’ kid.

Either way, this video is not that big of a deal, it’s just dancing, and 14 year old whores have been getting pregnant since the beginning of time, but I’m sure the white folk out there are going to be offended and think it’s fucked enough to start sending letters into Oprah to do a show on this shit, but I think she already has.

Who cares, the world is more sexualized, we’re all gonna die of Aids, but at least girls are the fucking prudes they used to be.

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