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Miley Cyrus Spinning The Story of the Day

I was talking to some girls the other night over a few too many drinks about the Miley Cyrus topless in Vanity Fair and I was arguing that shit wasn’t even a big deal, she had a sheet on and it looked like she was wearing a tube top. The girls were pretty aggressive about how she’s just a little girl and shouldn’t be seen in that light. I told them that her personal pics in her bra and shit were a lot more sexually charged than the Vanity Fair shit and they said that all 15 year old girls take slutty pics of themselves, it’s just part of growing up and it’s completely different that doing a sexual spread in a magazine, and I got to thinkin’ that those girls were probably right and I am just some one of the perverts who sees girls in erotic settings and think it’s normal because I am convinced that everyone’s a fuckin’ slut.

Either way, Disney is spinning their spin doctor wheels and trying to bring the Miley Cyrus image back to a wholesome one. Here are some Miley Pictures from yesterday, where she actually dressed like a 15 year old girl and hung out with Disney characters and signed autographs for “fans” Disney hired at a talent agency to make this photoshoot look more real and to make the public forget she’s a whore. What it does come down to is that she is just a little girl and you shouldn’t be talking about fuckin’ her, but as a double threat, she’s also a total fuckin’ slut and there is no way she hasn’t already sucked dick.

Either way, here are the lame Disney pics because I like watching the propaganda machine’s manipulative wheels in motion.

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