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DJ Juicy M in a Bikini for XXL Ukraine of the Day

The DJ game got ridiculous a few years ago….

I am not into the whole party scene, DJ scene purist down with the hip hop scene, but I do know that there was a time dudes had to buy records, make their own records, to get booked shows where on the high end they’d make 2,000 dollars maybe 5,000 if they were fucking hero DJ, which in and of itself is a retarded concept….

The MP3 dropped, destroyed vinyl, or actual investment in music…blogs told all these idiot posers what to play instead of instinct…technology and programs made DJing easy…then DJs became rockstars and made 50,000 dollars a show…and bitches like this decided to add DJing to their modeling…to give them an edge….and people responded….and the whole thing is so stupid…that I can’t help but love it…cuz party sluts playing music for party sluts is the premise of all my sexual fantasies…

Her name is DJ Juicy M and she’s probably a clown in the DJ booth playing pre-mixed sets and moving like she was Paris Hilton, but hot in a bikini….I’m into her playing the soundtrack of my life via my dick.

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