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Natasha Bedingfield Molesting Dolphins of the Day

This is a UK singer named Natasha Bedingfield swimming with Dolphins for some Bahamas resort called Atlantis that you’ve probably already heard of and who probably won’t be giving me a free trip for shouting them out on the site, because no one reads this site, but if they did, they’d probably hate it as much as me.

I guess the whole point of hiring this Natasha Bedingfield bitch to take pictures with their Dolphins was in hopes of increasing UK travelers to their resort even though people from the UK don’t know how to swim are pasty as fuck because they are scared of the sun and the only thing they are good at is griping while drinking pints and eating sausage, but who I am to tell some resort that they’d be better off hiring someone a little more local for their marketing campaign and that there money would be better spent elsewhere and that maybe they should lay off the beastiality because this bitch kissing a dolphin only makes me wonder how far they got after the cameras turned off….It’s like Atlantis Resort’s very own 2 Girls 1 Cup….only instead of it being 2 girls, some shit and puke, it’s just one famous girl with a big dolphin dick cumming in her mouth after taking her up the ass…..

The funny thing is that these pictures have the same impact on me as the time I walked in on a chick jerking off her dog and eating his cum, now that may sound sicker than it is, because it was and the story goes like this. This little fuckin’ lap dog was humping the shit out of this hot girl’s her hand in a coffee shop for about a minute before she pulled up a hand full of dog cum and licked it to make her friends laugh. I thought about going up to her and asking her to do it again so that I could make it my marketing program for the site, but I was too busy gagging and not the kind of gagging you get off to…pervert.

BONUS – Some Pictures of Her in a Bikini Top Because Bikini Tops are Better than Wet Suits…Unfortunately There’s No Beastiality in These Pics….

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