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Kate Beckinsale Brings the Donuts of the Day

< I have a fat wife. Like a real fucking fat wife and donuts played a large part in her obesity due to her donut obsession. Seriously, She would go out with friends at 10 at night, usually at the local Dunkin Donuts and I'd be out drunk and come home at 4 in the morning drunk and she would still not be home, so I'd walk to the 24 hour Dunkin Donuts and she'd be there on her fourteenth donut and fifth hot chocolate and I'd have to drag her home. It was like that period of time I would see her get fatter and fatter everyday, and after you see something pretty much murder someone's sex appeal, not that she was hot to begin with, you can never really look the same at the thing again, especially when I'm stuck married to the bitch with no sex appeal... So everytime I see donut shops or people eating the shit, I feel sick to my fucking stomach, but for sme reason when Kate Beckinsale does it, I get fucking hard, and getting hard to being with is a struggle for me, especially with the one thing I consider my enemy, which are donuts. That said, I am so fucking shocked by this girl and her body, I do not understand how she has a kid, cuz kids normally ravage a woman like donuts ravaged my wife, clearly she's from a super genetic code, or maybe she's just the God Mother and the kids parents died in a fiery car accident or somehting, cuz it's just not human for her to be this good. Not to suck up or anything....cuz that's really not my style....I can't help but appreciate her....don't judge.

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