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Help Dov Save American Apparel of the Day

Here are 7 things you need to know about what’s going on with American Apparel.

1- Dov Charney created American Apparel with an idea, good styling and product, and business, from nothing to a billion dollar brand, only to have it taken away from him, illegally and unethically.

2- The Board and the Lenders created a smear campaign against Dov Charney, for crimes he was never charged of committing, because they just didn’t happen, in efforts to destroy his public image. Tried by the media, not by the courts. The Steven Avery in retail fast fashion…..

3- They fired Dov Charney by tricking him to vote for the very people who banded together to fire him hours before he got fired, because they wanted to trick him to get him out of power.

4- They decided to intentionally make bad business decisions, and file for bankruptcy, pretty much fucking over the entire list of shareholders, all in efforts to get Dov Charney – the major stakeholder – to lose his position and not get control of the company.

5- They filed for bankruptcy and in the bankruptcy hearing Dov, came to the table with a 200 million dollar investor, ready to cover all the debts the company has, as a solution to the fake problems they created, because finance people are scammers, remember, Wall Street people are scammers, just into getting themselves rich at the expense of the people.

6- His solution is the solution. It is his brand, he is passionate about his brand, and he wants to bring his brand back to a healthy place and make his shareholders their money back – and more importantly take it to the next level of innovation.

7- When he gets his company back, and he will be producing some amazing photoshoots, that basically paved the way for all these instagram whores / models, showing the world their nipples, and for that….he’s a revolutionary…we need to support.

Fuck These Finance people, this Wall Street bullshit, that work the grey area loop holes to fuck people out of their own creative projects, all for money and for greed, it’s evil, and it’s wrong.

I started a petition to save American Apparel…


Here are some pics of American Apparel models…


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Free Dov Charney. He is a Victim of Evil Corporate Snakes of the Day

Dov Charney the founder and CEO of American Apparel got fired from his own 600 million dollar a year empire, because corporate executives wanted to take over his powerful brand….so they decided to destroy his public image to get rid of him….and their angle was that he sexually harassed his employees….so he lost his company because he “sexually harassed girls”….something that was never proven….and was only settled out of court because the insurance company wanted to get rid of the issue….and even if he did…you can’t lose your company for that shit…not to mention all that went down before 2011.

I know American Apparel employees and they treated Dov as their leader, like it was some cult, because they were drawn to his money and power, and threw their pussies at him…as girls do….

I love that when I support people who have been made guilty by the press, because the press is lazy and don’t actually look into things, and the press love a story that shows a mean man abusing his power to lure in girls, rather than showing girl seducing powerful men with their youthful bodies, braless light cotton shirts the dude created and shorts that have asses hanging out of them….I get called a slut shamer, or victim shamer, or body shamer…or whatever…

When the truth is, the general public are clickbait clicking morons, who create an opinion off something based on laziness and what is being thrown at them, rather than independent thought, and those same people are usually taking stances on things, they don’t even agree with or no the real story behind. It’s like when people start passing around fake stories on facebook, the assholes click share before googling or researching the validity of the fucking story, and here I am reading nonsense that is just nonsense, because I clickbait too.

That said, American Apparel is what I consider a revolutionary brand in a lot of ways… It was created and helmed by Dov Charney. They hired babes, they redefined what blank shirts meant. They brought back style and sexiness in basics. They helped a generation of girls dress hotter, more body proud than girls in my era who wore oversized sweaters and ill fitting tapered Gap jeans…and it was all Dov Charney’s vision.

I think paved the way for Instagram shoots…these hipster models, that are now mainstream, all with a fucking brand and he was taken to the chopping block due to corporate politics….leaving him with nothing…and that’s just shitty…

I believe, men aren’t predators when girls are sluts…

People need to stop being so boring…and now American Apparel is going bankrupt…for no reason….and I hate seeing innovative people getting robbed…

Here are some pics from their campaigns…that are hot…

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