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Drew Barrymore on the Beach in Miami is the Worst thing Ever of the Day


That butterfly above her pussy tattoo really aged well…unfortunately for Drew…that’s about the only thing that weathered the fucking storm…and not even because I was being sarcastic…but in her defence, I’ve never thought Drew Barrymore was hot…I wasn’t jerking off to her in E.T. like I was Spielberg back in the 80s…creep….I didn’t buy into her comeback in romantic comedies…I just always discounted everything she’s done for having a Hollywood royal family – because she’s not hot…she’s just a Barrymore who for generations were in movies and who paved the way for this glorious moment of her on the beach in Miami in a see through sports bra looking like a fucking dude…because we are all just one gender now…especially after menopause.

This is pretty fucking rough….but so representative of the world we live in…a disaster..

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Drew Barrymore Brown Teeth Erotica of the Day



Hot Teeth…they look like the’ve been through some shit…literally…but here they are…on an old and battered Drew Barrymore…a woman who has lived a lifetime in the industry…who has gone through bad girl in her early 20s…to ROMCON girl in her 30s…and the entire time..from ET to god knows what I last saw her in…I found zero hot about her…not one single time in my life…even before doing this professionally (lol)…did I think maybe, even in the slightest way…that she was hot…in fact I couldn’t even stomach watching main characters in movie have her as a love interest I’d yell at the TV “THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN – ADAM SANDLER WOULD BE FUCKING SOME SLUT – NOT THIS”…no one would get on a plane with a guitar to sing to her…I can’t think of any other movies she’s been in but she sucks…nd her teeth are so representative of her sex appeal…

Now I’m not into plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, fake tits…pussy reductions…but I do think gross teeth..that look like she smells…all rotting out of her…hits too close to home…if you’ve been with a crackwhore…for 5 dollars..you’ll know how repulsive it can be…

Which poses an important question – is brown teeth a fetish?


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Drew Barrymore Firestarter of the Day


Drew Barrymore is on fire….at least for a photoshoot and not in real life…even though it’d be interesting if it was in real life…like those liveleak videos of homeless people catching themselves on fire to prove whatever random psychotic point they are trying to prove..it would make her more exciting than anything she’s ever really done…even through her bad rebel years…the crying for attention rich kid born into Hollywood royalty, who wasn’t quite a Kardashian but would have been if social media existed back then..

I’ve never found her hot, not even cute, even when she was naked….so seeing her on fire is a zero in fun….but I’ll post it anyway….

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Drew Barrymore’s New Face of the Day

Drew Barrymore

In case you were wondering…Drew Barrymore still has a face..

It’s just really fucking doughy, or maybe it’s botoxed and not doughy at all, but rather one hard, paralyzed, expressionless, pile of shit…

But that face is terrifying….

That’s not to say Drew Barrymore had a cute face really ever…I mean maybe in ET, but that was some “she’s a little kid, they are all cute enough, in a cabbage patch doll kind of way, until they grow up and become the monsters they are”….

Drew Barrymore just existed because her family was so deeply entrenched in Hollywood that she could have been an acid burned, arab wife, who didn’t cook dinner fast enough for her husband, and she’d still get cast..

Either way, Drew Barrymore doesn’t matter, she was never hot, she’s old news, and her face…is old too…but I felt compelled to post it because I can’t stop staring at it….


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