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Dr Drew Creepin’ on Young Vag cuz his Wife is Slop of the Day

Addicited to Addiction, Dr Drew Pinsky and his Twittering wife who blocked ME because she has no sense of humor and doesn’t like annoying people like me raining on her parade because she designed this perfect fucking life and she sure as hell won’t let me taint that….

I am convinced that Dr Drew Pinksy is the sex addict. He had that radio show on sex for years before he got into drug addiction, because he’s the kind of hollywood therapist who exploits his patiens to make money, instead of actually ding something good. So I assume his sex addiction comes in the form of jerking off to stories he hears from his patient’s sex addiction, from making money off those patients, and from scoping out young pussy on vacation in a bikini to take it in and memorize every young curve….

….to visualize when he has to pretend to be into his one-piece wearing wife and her sloppy body….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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