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Miley Cyrus Goes for a Drive of the Day

I realize why this Hollywood.tv shit is free to use YouTube paparazzi video, instead of the other paparazzi shit that is too expensive for my blood and I am not just saying that because I am poor, I am saying that because they are seriously not Wal Mart prices, because I guess they think they’re Hollywood and Hollywood is just on a whole other level of expensive. It’s because their shit may be exclusive enough and they may be getting out into the depths of Hollywood next to the TMZ people and the other assholes who run paparazzi companies but their videos are always missing a little fuckin’ edginess.

Take this video of freshly learner permitted Miley Cyrus driving her Toyota SUV Crossover that she probably got for free from Toyota as a training car before getting a real car, there is not one single frame in the video where you actually see Miley Cyrus driving at all. All you see is a car driving and pulling into a fucking house making me wonder why the fuck am I watching a Miley Cyrus driving her Toyota SUV video in the first fucking place, but in my defense, I hate this bitch and only did it in hopes of seeing her drive off a fuckin’ cliff…I guess we can only wait until she gets her real license and does a little drinking and driving on her own, so let’s just hope she doesn’t listen to all her advisors, and realizes the faster she drives and the more she drinks, the more exhilerating the rush is…….especially on really badly lit winding roads….

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