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Lindsay Lohan in Some Topless and Hungry Pics of the Day

The photographer’s name is Hedi Slimane, I didn’t check out her site for her other work and I’m not too well versed in fashion photographer so I am not too sure if this she’s into doing concentration camp themed photoshoots or if taking pictures of dying patients in palliative care with Cancer or Aids, or even spending time on the streets with drug addicted heroin addicts sucking dick for their next fix, is her artistic vision, but I do know that Lohan, despite being topless looks like fucking shit. She’s the kind of skinny I don’t like and I am pretty understanding and accepting when it comes to skinny. I mean I’ve always been a fan of eating disorders and drug addiction, but something about Lohan just looks fucking wrong.

I understand why she’s crazy, why she’s delusional, why she’s gone out of her way to start beef with me, why she tells people I stalk her. It’s all because she’s not eating much more than Ronson’s pussy and a pile of heroin because I think this is much deeper an issue than just cocaine. She is going to die soon. I can tell.

It’s all part of her Heath Ledger strategy to get recognized as an actress, because she’s fucking crazy and hopes to be remembered because the world already forgets her and her great performances in movies like Herbie Fully Loaded. Let’s face it, she’s a fucking joke and if you were her, you’d be on drugs too.

Here are those pics.

That said, nice nipple.

On a side note – I love Twitter and sent this link, along with this message to Mike Lohan….


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