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Shania Twain Got Dumped for this Slag of the Day

Shania Twain’s record producing husband cheated on her with this substantially uglier family friend and everyone is so fuckin’ confused about this shit but me. The truth is that Shania was his tool to make a lot of money for himself as a music producer and he’s been banging her since she was some 14 year old Native American he found huffing gas on the reserve and if it wasn’t for him, she’d still be performing in some shitty country club in Northern Ontario, Canada. So she basically owes her success to him and not to her singing voice.

I can only assume that in the more recent years of Shania, she’s become a total cunt and sometimes looks don’t outweigh annoying so dude strayed and is probably a lot happier with someone less irritating than her, while still making tons of money on what he created without having to listen to her irritating or having boring sex with her because she thinks she’s all that and just lays back and takes it on the nights she actually decides to put out.

So looks aren’t everything, fucking is and I guess the proof is that even Shania’s husband got bored of fuckin’ her and moved onto someone who probably tries a lot harder, and by trying a lot harder I mean, takes it up the ass.

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