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Sophie Monk Naked in Some Straight to DVD Movie of the Day

Here’s a leaked clip of topless scene from some Sophie Monk movie called “The Hills Run Red”. The shit that is clearly shit because it is being distributed straight to DVD and via digital download tomorrow is most likely the final nail in the coffin that is her career.

I also like to think it is part of the reason why she has been running around, showing her nipples in bathing suits and paying off paparazzi to follow her, because anyone who agrees to be in this kind of shit, knows that their career has got to the point of bottom feeding. When the only work you get is low budget horror movies that require you to be naked the end is pretty much already happened and she knows she better fuckin’ act fast on the PR front, and I’m not complaining cuz I like watching the demise mainly because seeing hot chicks struggle after thinking they had the world in their hand is like porn to me, especially when they are half naked during that realization, even if they have sloppy flat asses if the rest of them is decent to look at, but ideally this story ends in in sex tapes. I guess only time will tell….

First Clip – Some Strip Show

Second Clip – Topless on her Back

Third Clip – The Bondage Scene

Fourth Clip – Shitty Lap Dance Montage

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