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Dylan Penn Bikini of the Day

Dylan Penn Bikini

Here is Dylan Penn out in a bikini to celebrate to comeback of CBS Sunday Movie Night last night…because they played Forrest Gump, where her mom Jenny dupes the poor retard and manipulates his simple mind to raising her kid after she dies of aids and he becomes a millionaire. Jenny that bitch….

Or this is for Mother’s Day…where her and Jenny are on a beach acting like Jenny’s not evil…as she smokes her cigarette on the beach like it was the 60s….you can’t take Jenny out of the movie, but I guess you can’t take the ghetto abused by her dad girl from the shanty out of her….just smoking like a homeless crackhead pile of trash….

That SAID, this is about Dylan Penn….and Dylan Penn is hotter than most if not all of the celebrity rich kids, which in the event you didn’t know, is something I am fascinated with and would do a documentary on, if I wasn’t too lazy to get off the couch….because they don’t come to me for the hard hitting interviews..but I can come to them if I focus…..because my interview question would consist of “ok, show me your tits”….

I like to think that if I was a celebrity rich kid, I’d take the same approach as Dylan Penn and just ride having all the perks of celebrity without all the headaches of being a celebrity.

These celeb kids who try to be actors like their parents are lame….sure it’s the obvious thing to do, but I think sitting at the Hawaii beach front house is more interesting.

The trying to be something or do something beyond charity work when you have the trust fund, the houses, food in the fridge is just dumb, just a real waste of time.Careers and working a job is for peasants…her parents didn’t become famous to have a peasant laborer as a kid…they did it so that their daughter can do what she wants….like spending the day in a bikini for us to stare at her big tits, is a great use of her time.

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Dylan Penn Bikini of the Day

Dylan Penn Ass and Tits in a Bikini

Her dad is Sean Penn. Her Mom is Robin Wright Penn, who last night on a clickbait site reading Forrest Gump fact that were clearly written by some immigrant blogger, that was straight up useless, except for learning that Jenny, that MEAN HIV ridden Forrest Gump using bitch was Robin Wright Penn….

I guess ad heavy clickbait sites with useless facts about nothing….are good for something…

The reason I clicked was because the clickbait title was “What Jenny from Forrest Gump Actually Died Of”….FUCKERS…

Well, their abortion that survived, because Robin Wright wanted security from her Spicoli she locked in, is now a very busty bikini wearing instagram friendly possible actress too…and this is her ass in a bikini….

Her name is Dylan, named after her dad’s favorite 90210 Character….and this is her ass in Europe being rich.



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Dylan Penn in a Bikini of the Day

Big Tits Dylan Penn stands on the beach in blue bikini bottoms and a black sports bra

Big Titty Dylan Penn…..is in some sports bra bikini top on the beach in Hawaii during her very important vacation, even though her life is a vacation…because big titty girls use the sports bra squish them tits down and flatten them out…terrible…

So without the tits, the actual Dylan Penn may be an average looking girl…But thanks to her family and last name, she’s celebrated, spoiled, entitled, and connected…a rich kid with a trust fund and all the connections in the world because her dad is Sean Penn and her mom Robin Wright…so she’ll do just fine…

Genetics, nepotism, rich parents…big tits..a bikini..a hawaiian home is all anyone really needs…


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Dylan Penn’s Lookalike in Some Slutty Selfies of the Day

Apparently these are nude selfies leaked by Dylan Penn. I don’t believe that this is her, because if you admit that you know it is her, she has a case against you in the court system….but I actually don’t believe they are her, since I don’t know what she looks like, and because I found these on TUMBLR, and because people like to lie and troll about the people in images…nude….and it’s hard to distinguish the hot rich girls and the normal girls who are in nude selfies….

So the actual Dylan Penn may be an average looking, busty as fuck, celebrated, spoiled and connected rich kid with a trust fund and all the connections in the world because her dad is Sean Penn and her mom Robin Wright…giving a marketable last name…

But she’s got huge tits, great tits, the kind of tits I would want on any hot enough rich girl, who knows she’s hot enough thanks to being rich and busty, to show off, because it’s just a body, free the nipple, stop sexualizing women….

I’m sure we’ve seen her tits before, it’s a poor little rich girl looking for attention or not giving a fuck cuz she’s rich situation….

Apparently, there’s a masturbation video out there…and this reminds me of the hours I used to spend going through Photobucket accounts hoping to find nudes…who are these HACKERS…and why are they stupidly sharing their stolen material with the world instead of just jerking off to it on their own…I’ll never understand it….

There’s only one toplesss pic…but great tits…whoever they belong to….hardly incriminating enough….I mean even the nude bottom pics…like how the fuck can you tell that’s her….lies..

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Dylan Penn’s Big Tits Kiss a Girl of the Day


Some dude on reddit – posted this pictures of Dylan Penn, who you may know as the vagina that Sean Penn made with some bitch named Robin Wright, over 18 years ago, so it’s ok to jerk off to her big tits.

This is the story;

…she starts making out with her (girl) friend for about 10 minutes straight. Literally the entire patio stops whatever they were doing and starts watching/ taking pictures/ freaking out in general!

I guess girl on girl making out in a bar for attention can still tap into the pervert primate needs of dudes everywhere getting them frat boy excited as they cheer them on…you see I remember those days…I just assumed people have moved on – with the whole porn being readily available thing…

Being a Penn isn’t so bad…

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Dylan Penn Topless in Rio of the Day


Dylan Penn may be an average looking, but celebrated, spoiled connected rich kid with a trust fund and all the connections in the world thanks to her dad being Sean Penn….and her mom being Robin Wright…

But she’s got huge tits and she’s pulling them out for the paparazzi while getting some lotion applied to her…and that makes her awesome…more credible, less of a scam riding a name, and more a set of tits, because free the nipple or some shit…

It’s funny how I can despise a girl who is celebrated because of where she’s born, I like more of a struggle, but now that she’s topless, I feel like I should be campaigning for her, saying “she doesn’t need to be a fame whore, she’s just famous by association and is making the best of it, by showing her tits”…

I like how easily tits make me spin my distaste for the general vibe of modelling and acting being a product of these narcissistic people breeding and wanting fame for their offspring….to feed their narcissism…

And people care because they are brainwashed to care about the celebrity, and thus their spoiled brats, raised by these monster self involved rich cunts and a team of nannies… because people have nothing better to do that obsess over these idiots and their idiots…to distract from their shit lives…but when tits happen…it makes it all ok…

Dylan Penn - Beach candids - Rio de Janeiro ~ 02022016_003


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Dylan Penn for Some Catalog of the Day


Dylan Penn is average at best…you know if you were to find her standing randomly on the street somewhere…

But when you factor in that her dad is Sean Penn and her mom Robin Wright….all of a sudden that is what takes over…and average looking turns into modeling contract, and modeling contract turns into campaigns, because idiots like me, think people care about celebrity kids, their spoiled brat, raised by monster self involved rich cunts because people do care…people have nothing better to do that obsess over these idiots who have become the icons, or cool kids of our generation, when they are really just rich, scam artist garbage…

Either way, here’s the campaign..if you’re into that shit, and you are, because she’s the in to that world…and didn’t have to suck dick to get there…which I guess is boring…but can balance out when you think of all the dick she probably has sucked thanks to being a fucked up rich kid in a fucked up rich world…

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Dylan Penn is the Celebrity of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 12.42.18 PM

Her name is Dylan Penn.

She’s a “model”….which is code for celebrity kid cute enough to get paid to be in photoshoots because people like their last names, and what the hell else are they going to do with their access, seeing as going to school, or actually helping the world…is just way less fun..

She’s 24, so unlike the other celebrity daughters trying to make it as instagram models by leveraging the family name…she’s old enough to jerk off to…and that should be exciting enough for at least one Sean Penn fan who though he was a woman in Fasttimes at Ridgemont High….


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Dylan Penn Is in a Campaign of the Day

Dylan Penn is Sean Penn’s daughter he had with Robin Wright. She’s a bit of a babe at 23, making a name for herself by leveraging her name, which I guess is what you would do if you weren’t a loser for a long line of losers….and I just think it is too bad that she’s doing these elegant style campaigns that are almost classy…because I need my rich girls to be broken thanks to their narcissistic fathers neglecting them, making them turn to drugs and random cock, hoping to get attention or noticed…while trying to fill the void left in their souls by their dads….

So in a lot of ways…this campaign makes me sad…it represents all that went right in her life…that I would have rather went wrong…because I am a an asshole…

But the good news is that she’s still an aspiring model, and aspiring models are all whores…and we like whores….at least I do…even when they are too high end for me…I still know what they are about and that’s usually enough to make me happy….

Ermanno Scervino S/S 2015 AD Campaign from ERMANNO SCERVINO on Vimeo.

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Dylan Penn for L’Officiel Italia of the Day

Dylan Penn is Sean Penn’s daughter…she’s a model..which was apparently a really difficult job to get being Sean Penn’s daughter…he hasn’t been in Hollywood for the last 30 years and he doesn’t have a recognizable name, or any connections with massive agents, that he could call to say “hey my daughter’s not into school, or doing anything of substance in her life, and I’ve got enough money to give her so she doesn’t need to work, can you get her some modelling gigs to validate her, yes I know everyone is a model thanks to instagram, but just make her a legit one so she doesn’t feel left out by her other rich, vapid, useless model because they are rich…friends”….that is my Sean Penn impression, it is not the future, but connected brats being models is…and that’s not to say Dylan Penn doesn’t deserve the attention because the cum that made her is A List…it’s to say there are hotter girls out there who are better suited for this, but just not as interesting because they don’t have connected parents…and more importantly, any girl who aspires to be a model – is garbage you should promise things to…but only if she lets you pee on her…so you always have the upper hand…

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