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Santa Baby…Christmas Death of the Day

I was listening to the radio the last 4 days trying to get into the Christmas Spirit and this Santa Baby shit would hit every couple hours and I listened to the words and couldn’t believe how materialistic shit was. She was looking for a duplex, checks, a deed to a platinum mine, she wanted Santa to trim her Christmas Tree, which I assumed she meant her cunt, with TIffany, and the whole thing offended me. I figured what kind of message was this bringing to the women of generations, putting ridiculous pressure on their boyfriends and husbands to spoil them, and the whole thing pissed me off and while I was freaking out at this bitch for doing this to the men around the world, she was busy dying.

Her name was Eartha Kitt, she was 81 and she lost her battle to cancer on Christmas Day which I guess is the opposite of a Christmas Miracle, but appropriate since Christmas gave her a career and made her and her song a legend, might as well ask Santa Baby for death and put you out of your misery when you’ve reached the end of the road and after he’s already given you pretty much everything else you ever wanted by letting you use his name and image in a song without asking for any royalties, while letting you become rich off the shit. Either way, RIP Motherfucker is well deserved for this OG (original gold digger).

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