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Edita Vilkeviciute for a Possible Throwback Thursday of the Day

I just saw these pictures posted on instagram a few hours ago and felt they’d be good to post as a reminder that Facebook is porn, that facebook is inconsistent in their policing of nudity, because there’s basically full trim on display, yes, I used the word trim to reference pussy, because why the fuck not.

I have been bitter towards “Big Internet’ which like Trump on Big Media, is basically that this soulless fucks stealing all your data to market to you aggressively, all disguised as some idiotic playground where you can find some level of purpose, following or celebrity, as you make these snakes richer and richer….are porn sites…

The number 1 search result for the first 10 years of google was SEX and PORN, and if you google image “dick in ass” you’ll find lots of pics of dick in ass. Then there is Youtube that is basically every fetish video around…even criminal shit that you know shouldn’t be published, maybe make all stars of all videos 18+…but why would they do that and throw away VIEWS….then there’s instagram that has deleted me, censored me, countless fucking times….for not even posting anything this bad…because they are bullshit….instagram is FILLED with porn, as is reddit, tumblr, basically anything that works on the internet that isn’t some software company or ecommerce platform, but even AMAZON sells pocket pussies, sex dolls and other insane things to cash it….all while pretending to be wholesome and family friendly…with some weird behind closed doors degenerate shit…so they can make those billions…

Now, I’m not against model Edita who is pretty hard faced, but still hot, in her wet clothing in this throwback shoot, it’s not even nearly as vile as some of the things people post on the platform, it’s just a reminder that SOME pussy is ok on IG, while others isn’t… even though as hetero men, I don’t think you can say hetero anymore, all pussy is ok…everywhere…

So here’s that IG pussy. Pervs.

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Edita Vilkeviciute Still Has Big Tits of the Day

Edita Vilkeviciute is old by now, I feel like we’ve seen her masculine features offset by her huge tits for a really long time at this point, but like all women, they aren’t giving up easy, even if they have a handful of kids, they come back at us like they never left, like they never turned 30, like their vaginas are intact and the whole thing is fucking weird.

I guess the whole getting paid thing keeps them at it, why not cash in and get money to continue to do pretty much nothing, the most simplistic shit….BUT there’s still something nice about cashing out, disappearing and enjoying the rest of your life without showing your tits to stay relevant…but that getting paid thing keeps their rich boyfriends and husbands thinking they are worth the investment and I guess it’s all just one big lie anyway…and instead of analyzing it in a top level unimportant way..we should just look at the tits…and say “hey tits. I see you tits”….which is really the depth I like to put into things…you know half retarding through life.

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Edita Vilkeviciute and Magdalena Frackowia Subtle Sluts in a Corporate Terry Richardson Shoot of the Day

Terry Richardson show these hot models for some corporate fashion gig and a little of his sleaze shined through. Sure it’s not the kind of sleaze that involved vaginas being stretched out by golden eggs, or pictures involving semen taken in seedy hotel rooms, with seedy bitches who look like they did seedy drugs….That sleaze was just the sleaze that launched Terry Richardson as “an artist” where all these faggot phony try hard fashionistas who faked their way into running the fashion industry cuz they stood out amongst the other try hard phony bullshit fashionistas, figured they’d pay him stupid money, get him to sell out, and pretty much turned his porn into something legit, something I wish would happen to me, because private jets are more fun than riding the fuckin’ bus with immigrants who smell, at least that’s what I’m starting to figure out….I just need to find a bullshit hook to trick all you idiots into thinking I am a visionary on another planet of talent, I’m not sure what my hustle is gonna be, but I know it will involve feces….

Here’s my favorite Edita Vilkeviciute and some other bitch named Magdalena Frackowia…..

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