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Beyonce – I am Yours Thanksgiving Special of the Day

Thanksgiving is over….and I had no idea that Beyonce produced a 40 minute special about herself, but it makes sense, since she’s a self absorbed cunt with a huge fucking go, who thinks that public care about her bullshit enough to watch her bullshit, so she produced some shit about herself and ABC aired the shit and the whole thing is a fucking joke and would have really only been worth giving thanks too,if she contracted some debilitating disease that left her bed ridden and too weak to speak, but that didn’t happen, instead she polluted us with this smut. I hate her but I guess it is kind of funny of her to release something on thanksgiving that embodies pretty much everything wrong in the world and everything people weren’t giving thanks for yesterday.

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Beyonce’s Video for Some Song Called Ego of the Day

Here’s a song by Beyonce singing about loving a guy’s “Big Ego” because shit is the only thing she can physically feel because of her “Big Pussy” and I don’t mean her family pet, unless they all take turns petting the fluffy mess in her unitard, I mean her fat genitals because she’s fat.

Here’s her new digitally remastered video with her pants off, it’s the theme of female performers everywhere and I like to document it’s slow move into the mainstream. I’m no fashion expert but this is the summer of no pants and I guess that’s a good thing for an old pervert like me.

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