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Half Naked Hipster in a Tree of the Day

Her name is Isabelle Eidlen and I am sure she’s not very happy to be featured on this site, because from experience, every single hipster shoot I post, mean spirited emails come in asking me to take the pictures down, because the young girls in the picture have no idea how the internet works and they just assume the pictures live forever on instagram, the idea of some pervert creepy old guy getting his slimy hands on them, just confuses them because it’s not instagram and instagram is all they know.

What I will say that is positive is that I am all about nudity, getting nude in pics for the internet, I think it’s one of the greatest contributions the internet has made in the world, it’s only taken 20 years or so, but in those 20 years girls, everyday girls, like Isabelle Eidlen realize monetizing their nudes can be hot, can be fun, can be easy and is definitely better than getting a day job.

So those model dreams can come true, if you do it yourself and if you do it nude…and that’s worth celebrating…because I like a world where I’ve seen every bitch naked.

This is not her BLACK SQURE for bullshit instagram activism, it’s not half black face, it titties in a tree the way nature intended!

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