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Eilana Jones Canadiana Tits of the Day

Eliana Jones is some Canadian content for you perverts…I never met her at the Igloo festival, where Canadians cover themselves in Maple Syrup, and let beavers lick us clean, but she was on some show called Hemlock Grove….whatever the fuck that is….and has big tits…that she’s got out…showing people what it is like to be a 20 year old making it as an actor, getting invited to events, where she gets to pull her tits out…you know

I mean …she’s fucking busty and I believe she has a very substantial career ahead of her for the simple reason that people love big tits on a skinny girl and by people, I mean me…

The best thing about her is that she even dates a Hockey Player….I mean….that’s the Canadian dream right here…right now…girls are raised to want this…and these tits are getting it…

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