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Ekaterina Zueva Masturbation Photoshoot of the DAy

Ekaterina Zueva Naked and Cumming on a bed

Ekaterina Zueva has 2.1 million followers on social media. HERE

I guess she’s got the right idea when it comes to self promotion as she does these editorial shoots with photographers that look like she’s masturabting totally naked, bush out and all, too hot for instagram.

It’s the kind of behavior that I appreciate and the likely increases her quality of husband who buys her off the mail order bride websites…

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Ekaterina Zueva for Serge Lee of the Day


Here’s a pretty amazing shoot for TREATS! by a photographer named Serge Lee, of a girl named Ekaterina Zueva, which sounds pretty local to LA, where treats is based, I mean if you were to factor in all the hot as fuck mail order brides that have been shipped over here with dreams of becoming famous models….not that I know anything about Ekaterina Zueva, for all I know she could be from Jersey and her dad could be an engineer and she may not even be a Russian who managed to escape a fate of being a web cam model, working the sex trade, thanks to either being tall enough or rich enough to buy US citizenship of her own…

It doesn’t mater, what matters is that she’s got the right idea on how to really launch her career. You know being a model is hard, competitive and there are so many millions of girls who are just more connected or focused…or even already working…

So the key is to bring out the big guns, show the world you want to win, by getting naked in artistic shots, that as long as they are black and white and in an erotic art magazine, are not actually doing porn…

It’s such great logic…because as of today, I now know who Ekaterina Zueva is…..and I want to be her friend.

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