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Elena Satine Nipple of the Day


I saw these pics of Elena Satine yesterday and just assumed she was some kind of fame whoring instagram model, or LOW LEVEL water model, or really these nobodies in LA and Miami who are friends with the paparazzi and semi-cute enough to feature in bikini, since bikinis get published, since you’re all a bunch of perverts….

It turns out that Elena Satine is some Russian American actress, who is a regular on the show Revenge, which I think is a big show, but wouldn’t know since I don’t watch TV…

So now all of a sudden, because of her “fame” or acting career, her nipple is more important, has more value, because there’s agents and big pay days involve…

Don’t blame me girls pulling out your tits, that’s just the world we live in….

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Elena Satine Naked in Magic City of the Day

I’ve never seen the show Magic City, apparently it’s about Miami in the late 50s, a time when Miami was probably just as Cuban, which is probably why they made the show, knowing that Cubans would watch it obsessively…

I’ve never heard Elena Satine, but I am quickly become a fan of her work, all naked and dressed like Marilyn, someone get this chick an Oscar, I believe her struggle…and the depth of her character…and by depth of her character…I mean her bra size…

I’m always down for an aspiring actor to pay her rent and aspire the naked way…it’s better than working a strip club and who knows, maybe she’ll get famous for her tits, I mean this is a far better strategy than fucking execs as some call girl or some shit, unless of course she’s only here from fucking execs…and who cares if she is, we’re all fucking hookers….it’s human nature…what matters is her nude scene.

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