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Elisabeth Erm for Glamour France August of the DAy


I don’t know who Elisabeth Erm is…I just know I like her…but that’s not saying much, you know when you look like Elisabeth Erm…it is hard to not like her…

She’s born in 1993. She’s Estonian, which according to my Estonian friend, means relatively common there…but more importantly affordable to own…Sure robably not now that she’s in big magazines, but there are probably more of her, maybe bootleg versions of her, but still better than the American version of her, which is eating donuts while working at Walmart or some shit…you know the kind of girl you can lure in with citizenship alone…even when you’re broke, pathetic, etc…makes things pretty fucking easy but I got married to some pig before realizing that…just another example of my failures…

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Elisabeth Erm for Glamour France of the Day


Elisabeth Erm is Estonian. She’s 22. She’s been modeling since she’s been 17. Now she’s in Glamour France.

I’ve been told tht Estonia is a great place to find a wife that looks like a model, because like Russian and other Communist ex-USSR places, there is a bunch of people with very little money and very little expectations, who don’t have access to all the Russian Billionaires, because the Russian Billionaires are fucking established models, not pulling some pull her out of the gutter amongst all the other model looking bitches we can thank ethnic cleansing for…

I guess what I am trying to say is that Elisabeth Erm is a babe, from a place where there are apparently a lot of babes, making her just one of the many babes already too famous for you to ever pay for sex, but a good billboard or ad for what is available for you in Estonia where 5 star hotels are 150 dollars a night..you just need to get yourself to Estonia…you patheric sex tourist…

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