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Elise Neal #BlackDontCrack of the Day

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I don’t know who Elise Neal, but she was trending on the internet with this bikini pic, all big tits and thick…

I googled her, because I like being able to inform you about important things. Like that she was in the show The Hughleys and Scream 2.

The interesting thing is that the pic was posted with the hashtag #blackdontcrack…because she’s 50…and I guess still feels hot…which I guess is in an of itself celebratory to her race but to the white supremacists are thinking “I guess she’s never walked through skid row, where black is 80 percent of the crack”…unless they are too ignorant to string words together and are just thinking by saying #blackdontcrack she’s attacking white people by implying they do crack…while knowing when they write #whitepower they get hated for it.

Either way, I’m Mexican and just interested in her big tits in a bikini.

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