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Eliza Gonzalez is Good of the Day

Eliza Gonzalez is some Mexican superstar, and as a Mexican I should probably hate her because she reminds me of my mother, only she doesn’t at all…because this hooker, unlike my mother the hooker, is lean and hot bodied, and clearly not a Mayan…I mean she’s one of those mixed mexicans who is not 100 percent me,xican by DNA, but more her European family moved to Mexico and generations later she was created…not to mention her John’s pay her more than a couple of collars for a fuck…she’s more strategic than that as she is on her quest to be the Next Sofia Vergara in America…

I am not like the black guy I used to go to stripclubs with, who always hated when black strippers would go on stage, because he felt stripping was for white people, and black strippers were not being all they could be, and instead bringing down the race..

In fact, I encourage all races to walk around half naked with bodies like this…seriously, she’s fucking good.

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Eliza Gonzalez Blue Panties of the Day

Eliza Gonzalez is some up and coming Mexican singer who has decided to do the Shakira and use her Mexcio money to sneak her way into the USA the legit way, without having to crawl under fences or float in on rafts or any of that shit.

Apparently, she’s booked the Dusk Til Dawn TV series, cuz people fucking love vampires…but more importantly, she’s decided to flash her panties to draw a bit of attention to herself, I mean she’s living the American dream and not working as a hotel maid illegally, this is pretty big time…

To See the Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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I Like the New Miley Cyrus of the Day

Eliza Gonzalez is the new Miley Cyrus, at least according to everyone saying she’s the new vagina that Miley’s ex-Fiance is sticking his penis inside, and she’s pretty lovely, all hispanic and beautiful, a model I assume with a decent fan base, who is probably not actually in a relationship with Miley’s ex fiancé, but more the kind of girl who had sex with him to increase her profile and it is working…and I would assume Miley hates her, but Miley is too busy getting railed by black dudes to come up for air long enough to realize that his dude is up inside something way hotter than her…even if no matter what Eliza Gonazelez does, she’ll never be Miley, but she probably could have the same name of one of Miley’s maids…

She’s a babe.

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