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Elizabeth Hasselbeck is Porn to Me of the Day

Sure, Elizaebeth looks a little bit like a clown or monster coming to steal your babies, but there’s something about her, that probably has something to do with me falling in love with her when she was a shoe designer for Adidas on Survivor, because seeing bitches weak, starving and willing to do anything for a cracker, I get excited enough to watch her on TV as often as my neighbor lets me sit on his couch, which is at least 2 times a week and bitch drives me crazy. She’s got a sick body for a mom of 3, her views on the world are nice, wholesome and white bread, despite the world knowing to get knocked up with 3 kids, it takes some dirty sex with your pro football husband. It’s like she’s the grown up version of the popular, clean, wholesome ,hot girl at school with a panty-on rule, and I fucking love it….

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