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Ella Merryweather is Hot of the Day


Ella Merryweather has nipples, like most girls – and really most guys – but we try not to think about that – because thinking about man nipple – especially when looking at woman nipple…is pretty fucking gay….

She’s not a famous model, she’s got almost zero followers in a world where social media following is more important than anything and everything…but she’s fucking lovely as fuck…and I’m not just saying that because she’s showing her nipples, I am saying it because she’s British and has one of the most ridiculous British names…one you’d expect to be the name of a raincoat store or a fucking tea and crumpet house…or even a pub…”Merryweather”….but from my experience with British woman, this one doesn’t look like a drunk Chimney Sweeper with less of a beard…and less willingness to pull out its dick in public…because if you’ve ever been drunk with a Briton, they will always end up flashing cock, it’s a side effect of the accent…but rather she is more of an angel sent from titty modeling heaven…

That’s all I got…which isn’t much….but it’s more than me not bothering to post, which would probably do myself and the world some good…

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