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Bar Refaeli Does Elle Russia Topless of the Day

These pictures were sent to me yesterday by my Israeli filmmaker Facebook friend who makes videos about him fucking blow-up dolls or him making popsicles out of his own cum that he submits to art film festivals and that leave everyone in the room feeling pretty fucking awkward, but I guess having a contact in Israel is convenient in keeping track of Bar Refaeli since that’s where she live….and not only is she the dream girl of every Jewish man married or dating one of those non-hot Jewish girls to keep their mothers happy because they aren’t rich enough to find hot Jewish girls or hot non-Jewish girls willing to convert….but the dream girl of many…so whether you are Jewish and feel like you need to stick Jewish in all things including the girls you masturbate to, or if you’re just a pervert like me into hot chicks…you’ll appreciate these Elle Russia pictures of Bar Holding onto her nice big tit.

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