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Elvis’ Grandaughter in Knee High Stockings of the Day

Here is recently turned 20 Riley Keough. She’s a model who is better known as Elvis’ granddaughter and Lisa Marie’s daughter with Michael Jackson. I am an Elvis fan and like many Elvis fans, I’d get excited to be up inside and tickling something he created 25% of, but that’s really got nothing to do with why I’d be willing to spend a couple hours doing inappropriate things with her, and the fact that she has a vagina does, who cares who her family is, just show me the pink, ya know.

I don’t find her very good looking and I like to blame nepotism for her succcess, but she is slated to inherit big money and walks around in suggestive stockings like some kind of dirty secretary trying to get a raise for her stockin’ fetish boss and that’s good enough for me. I mean if you saw what I have been fucking the last decade you’d realize I have no business turning down any pussy, even if it was on a dead racoon I found in a dumpster that was warm thanks to the summer weather and moist thanks to the decomposing.

Here are those pics….

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