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Emeraude Toubia Nude of the Day

Emeraude Toubia Nude for Harpers

Who the hell is Emeraude Toubia? I found her Twitter

Emeraude Toubia proves one very important thing…and that is that when you’re naked…your stupid name doesn’t matter…we can see past that by fixating on your tits…

I had never heard of her before the naked pics, which means naked pics work, I’m here googling the girl, only to discover she’s from Montreal…which is where I am from…what are the chances…maybe we’ve crossed paths…maybe we’ve been in the park together…maybe I’ve stared at her ass while she was at the mall…there possibilities are fucking endless in the way I’ve possibly sexualized her when she walked past me…ways that I guess she’s sexualizing herself..

From my research, she’s on some fantasy show called Shadowhunters, she’s 29, she’s been nominated for Teen Choice Awards, and she’s from Montreal…and I am from Montreal..how the hell have we not become friends…why am I not the one taking these nude pics of her…I have a broken iPhone camera but I am sure we can make it work….

She positions herself as hispanic, because that’s good marketing….and this is for some Spanish Magazine…but not naked enough – where is the LABIA…

Emeraude Toubia Nude for Harpers

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