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Emily Meade Nude Cum Shot of the Day

Emily Meade Nude 2

The James Franco show about 70s porn brings the fucking nudity. I can’t watch the shit, which is surprising because I like things set in the 70s. I like porn from the 70s and the whole mainstream or growth of porn is a fascinating story…just not when James Franco plays his twin and talks to himself in scenes. That shit ruins EVERYTHING…

I got through one episode….but I don’t mind posting the nude scenes from the show, if anything I encourage nudity on mainstream TV, to offset the porn industry who does nudity so fucking terribly and have for a solid decade….you know get some writers, acting, production value behind it…it is the future, maybe the now, I don’t know I’ve been waiting for more mainstream nudity for basically my entire life….

So Emily Meade…with cum on her….is a 30 year old actress who has been doing this since she was a kid (acting not taking fake loads for HBO, sick fucks)….and this is that.

Emily Meade Nude 2


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Emily Meade Naked of the Day

Emily Meade Naked

Emily Meade is in The Deuce, some show about James Franco as a 70s porn star or something. I’ve never seen it, but appreciate the mainstream trying to document the porn scene, when the porn scene is out grossing the mainstream, cuz you’re all a bunch of perverts, and I only appreciate it because of the nude scenes. If there are no nude scenes in a show it is not a show worth watching since 90 percent of my interests lie in nude women….the other 10 percent is alcoholism, fast food and sugar products, and plastics in the ocean…you know keep things well rounded…plus DOLPHINS are so cute.

Emily Meade NakedEmily Meade Naked


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Emily Meade in a Titty Top of the Day

Emily Meade is on some show called The Deuce…

She Brought out her nipples to some event where they are worshipping Satan…as these illuminati types do…with all their satanic rituals and sacrifices…

Emily Meade is 29, known for some movie called Nerve and on The Deuce, which I haven’t seen but James Franco plays a 70s pornstar and Maggie Gyllenhaal has had some titty scenes in, and I am repulsed by Maggie Gyllenhaal, not so much as an actress, but as an actress who gets nude, when clearly there are other options, like this Emily Meade who brings her tits out at weird sex cult events like this one…without even being asked to….just a casual “look at my awesome tits you perverts” to try and get more famous…because she’s ready, willing, and her tits look full and wonderful.

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