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Emily Ratjkowski and Others at the Entourage Premiere of the Day

Emily Ratjkowski was a the Entourage premiere, because she’s in the Entourage movie, pretty used properly by the Entourage producers on their cash grab to get the most that they can out of Entourage and 45 year old lame hollywood dudes on the escapades that people seem to enjoy, because they cast her as HERSELF….

As you know, all great actresses are cast as THEMSELVES…after sleeping with the production team and cast….

Fingers crossed that this is one of Emily Ratajkowski’s final appearances in film, because everyone knows, she’s just a set of tits…

She’s not as hot as her tits, she’s not as talented or smart as an Alba, which isn’t saying much, I have a hard time seeing much of a future for her…but at least rich people will always be there to pay her for her time…

Samantha Hoopes also there…stealing the show…

Nina Agdal also there…because it was a Sports Illustrated reunion movie…

Haley Joel Osment the Bruce Jenner No One Cared was a Bruce Jenner was also there…

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Emily Ratjkowski Going to Prom of the Day

Emily Ratjkowski promoted this video of a dude from San Diego asking her to prom. I couldn’t be bothered watching it, because I assume Emily Ratjkowski hired him to do this so that people would talk about her, as I am sure she feels her fame dwindling as the world has stopped caring…I also don’t find little nerdy dudes fun to watch, even if they are funny or clever, or in a situation I would have loved to be in when I had more effort and capabilities to troll famous people with customized videos I make 40 of my friends tweet at them to make sure they fucking see it…simple formula for fun…

I am posting it cuz I girl I masturbate to who works down the street from me said it was good and that she wants kids making videos for her, but that’s just because she’s a child molester.

Here are some EMRATA Pics…because why not…

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Emily Ratjkowski is Better Naked of the Day

This just in…Emily Ratjkowski is a better model when she’s naked…

She didn’t get here wearing clothes, why the fuck did she start doing it now.

This is the fucking worst…and makes no sense.

What is she thinking.

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