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Emily Senko is Naked Enough of the Day

As it turns out EMILY SENKO is a legitimate model with a legitimate agency. Her contact email on her instagram is her IMG agent. IMG is a huge agency and she only has 13k followers, which means she’s still one of those who is purely from social media, who is working for more than just their following or ability to get followers, and it is nice to see someone who gets naked, a tall and skinny looking bitch, doing her thing in front of the camera….because she probably wants that celebrity…but isn’t quite there yet.

I know the agencies sign pretty much everyone, but normally when you see someone with under 20k followers, you know there is more to their naked photoshoots….more prestige less Do-it-yourself….even if they are all the same shit…same hustle…same girl looking to get paid for her looks…because nothing is pure or sacred. Especially not modelling.

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Emily Senko Tits of the Day

This is not the first time I am posting tit pics of EMILY SENKO

But it might as well be the first time I post on Emily Senko’s tits…because all these girls are the fucking same…

Sure some are really trashy, some are really shameless, some are average but good at facetune/photoshop…but all are aspiring models…some even signed models because agencies will sign any bitch they can – in case her online marketing efforts back out…

So no matter how lovely they are, and I think this Emily Senko is pretty lovely, mainly because I have no idea who she is, what she does, what her dreams and intersts are…but most importantly who she fucks where she’s from and how much of an opportunist cunt she is..

Ignorance…is bliss…when you can look at tits unbiased…

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Emily Senko’s Tits for L’Officiel Turkey of the Day

This is not the first time I am posting tit pics of EMILY SENKO , but I feel like it is, because all these girls, no matter how lovely they are, pretty much all melt into one another and are virtually the exact fucking same.

This one is American, that one is South African, just show your tits you tall freak, and make a fortune doing it.

Not to mention keeping track of people I do fuck or want to fuck in real life is hard enough, my brain just can’t handle keeping track of bitches who get paid to show their tits, there are just too many of them, and ultimately, I care about them as much as they care about me, only I’ve seen their tits and now so have you.

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Emily Senko Titties for Fashion of the DAy

I have posted EMILY SENKO TITS FOR FASHION before…and I never bothered looking her up to see where she is from, what she does, who she fucks, I just look at her titty pics, because it makes me less of a suspect if she ever went missing, or murdered in some model love trianlge….but more importantly, because I don’t give a fuck, I just like looking at her titties and don’t really feel the need to get to know her, have small talk with myself about her or be annoyed by her life choices….my interest start and end in her titties…..so here she is for some new campaign or magazine photoshoot.

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Emily Senko Titties for ALL MAGAZINE of the Day

I’ve never heard of Emily Senko…but turns out I’ve posted on Emily Senko being naked and covered in paint ….but luckily I don’t know who Emily Senko is….because I can she’s an amazing model as far as I’m concerned a legend in the making all because she does one simple thing…and that’s get naked in photoshoots for fashion…all while rocking a great set of tits…sometimes that’s all it takes to make legends…but maybe I’m just getting overly excited by all these pics of her tits…a good way to become a household name…

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Julia Dunstall and Emily Senko Naked Classy Painters of the Day

Julia Dunstall and Emily Senko, two people I’ve never heard of, were in a classy and naked photoshoot filled with painted bodies shot by Phil Poynter…

Painting is never this luxurious for me….not that I ever paint. I live in a dump, piss stained holes in the walls, there’s just no return on investment when you don’t own, but more importantly, when you’re a lazy fuck with no self-respect who is just waiting for either himself or his wife to die to leave this hell prison cell….but I have worked in painting over the years, or at least tried to last summer.. by enrolling in community college nightschool, paid for by the government to get me off welfare, to become a “student painter” in hopes of banging hot student painter pussy, only to be treated like an outsider by the student painters 20 years younger than me, only to get fired the second day cuz I showed up 8 hours late, which worked out fine for me cuz the only girl student painter in our group was what you’d expect a student painter to look like, and not what you’re fantasy of one you hired to paint your home when the wife and kids are out, who asks permission to get into her panties as to not ruin her very tight sheer when she bends over, showing no underwear leggings…..vowing never to paint again, but I would re-think my life strategy and decisions, if it involved using naked model pussy as the paintbrush….



Monotone Symphony from Phil Poynter on Vimeo.

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