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Emily Senko is Naked Enough of the Day

As it turns out EMILY SENKO is a legitimate model with a legitimate agency. Her contact email on her instagram is her IMG agent. IMG is a huge agency and she only has 13k followers, which means she’s still one of those who is purely from social media, who is working for more than just their following or ability to get followers, and it is nice to see someone who gets naked, a tall and skinny looking bitch, doing her thing in front of the camera….because she probably wants that celebrity…but isn’t quite there yet.

I know the agencies sign pretty much everyone, but normally when you see someone with under 20k followers, you know there is more to their naked photoshoots….more prestige less Do-it-yourself….even if they are all the same shit…same hustle…same girl looking to get paid for her looks…because nothing is pure or sacred. Especially not modelling.

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