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Barbara Palvin Sweaty Body of the Day

Barbara Palvin Sweaty Body Bikini

Barbara Palvin is Victoria’s Secret’s answer to plus sized models, because like me and probably most of you, being plus sized isn’t all that impressive…we are all fat, we’ve been with fat chicks and we have a grasp and how unimpressive being fat is. You sit on your ass, in lazy and unhealthiness, and you eat until you develop chronic disease and die…not really something I want to stare at when looking at bitches in lingerie. Not something anyone but a handful of you with a fat chick fetish should be into. So seeing it mainstream and accepted confuses me….celebrate health and fitness not freaks in bikinis cuz they are shameless and don’t mind humiliating themselves, in fact they call it empowering. Weird.

Barbara Palvin was a Victoria’s Secret model before she became plus sized and got fired by them….only to come back to her people to produce shit like that…that I assume is part of her being a VS angel..but that I could be wrong about since I don’t fucking care.


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