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Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Getting Fat Again of the Day

Jennifer Love Hewitt is playing with fire. She recently broke up with Jamie Kennedy Experiment and now she’s out getting fried chicken or whatever kind of chicken this chicken place serves cuz I know isn’t skinless chicken in a low fat salad chicken…She came so far in her happiness with Jamie Kennedy Experiment…he put her to work because I guess he was a fan and she shed the pounds and started looking more like her small-headed busty on a skinny frame self, but now they’ve split and she’s hit the fast food to eat her emotions…and shit’s a real tragedy. I really thought she had another run in her, another chance to get jerked off too, but I guess people are just gonna have to stick with the blue tank top in Can’t Hardly Wait, since it’s done.

On a sidenote, Jamie Kennedy was in Montreal for the comedy festival a few years ago and I know at least 4 girls who were his groupie and hooked up with him and I couldn’t really understand why, dude’s so second rate, but it turns out if a motherfucker is on TV that’s all it takes to get pussy…so if you’re smart, you’ll start going to auditions for TV commercials looking for useless, fat, virgins who smell like cum, cuz even that will be enough to get a girl wet, she just has to notice you. Remember that and remember I always give the good advice….

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