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The Eagles of Death Metal Interview of the Day

I am not a fan of Vice, mainly because they are an “alternative” news company, owned and operated by Fox and MTV, which in and of itself is hypocritical and more of a cash grab by the co-founder and Montrealer Shane Smith, because make that billion when you can, and get that budget to do the videos you want, even if it means partnering with the devil…Hipster is dead, everything is mainstream…so I shouldn’t be a hater about that…selling out to do bigger things…it’s been going on forever, from Hip Hop to Punk Rock to Skateboarding…everything goes to shit….

I am not a fan of Vice, because they used to buy traffic off me, and never paid me….bastards…

But this isn’t about Vice, anyone with access could have put out something this good, because it’s aboutt the band and what they say. I appreciate the Eagles of Death Metal, mainly for supporting me back in 2008, and I’m glad they survived an attack on their fans, and appreciate their story about the France attacks…terrible for anyone to go through, the guilt from it being your event, your fans, must be pretty fucking crazy…something that would turn me to drinking…but I’m already drinking…if I had a soul…

I think Thanksgiving is s solid day for this….absolute insanity….

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