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Exclusive Erica Lynne From Bad Girl’s Club Bitch Turns Porno of the Day

She was on Bad Girls Club Miami Season 5. Her name is Erica Lynne .

She’s now the star of a new sex tape because that’s what happens when you’re a trashy whore who gets addicted to the 5 minutes of fame that you had being on TV…..

I think one of the greatest things that has come from this reality TV movement, is the amount of pornstars the shit has created, assuming Erica Lynne wasn’t a pornstar before the whole reality thing happened….

These celebrity sex tapes should change their name to “the only way nobodies stay relevant in their quest to be celebrity”….

I think more importantly, we need to come to terms with the fact that just cuz you’re on TV, doesn’t make you a celebrity…

But that doesn’t mean the whole thing isn’t amazing, shit I’d love to watch every bitch I see on TV, on the street, in pictures, on the bus, in the bar, fucking everywhere fuck…whether they are hot or not, and I guess this is just another one off the list.

Check it out.

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