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Erin Foster is Sam Ronson’s New Pussy I Want to Fuck of the Day

So David Foster, a Canadian music billionaire, who is behind pretty much everyone in he fucking world of music….has a lesbian daughter…or a bi-sexual daughter…who has found herself another musicians daughter….who is also bi-sexual…to rub her vagina up against until she squirts….

I don’t know if it is a marketing thing, or if it is just true love cuz as two rich kid dykes, they get each other on a level no one else ever will, except maybe Sam Ronson’s twin sister, who I can only assume her lesbianism is trying to replace, cuz twins are weird like that…

All this to say, I’ve met Sam Ronson. I like Sam Ronson. This is going to further destroy Lindsay Lohan, harder than any of Ronson’s double fisting ever could, not cuz I like a destroyed Lohan, she’s damaged enough, I just like drama between girls who are mean to me.

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