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Eva Doll in Lingerie for Cosmo of the Day

I have never heard of Eva Doll, but I am going to assume Doll isn’t her real name, and that she’s been recruited from some amazing and magical place called the Czech Republic, where horribly desperate women, who are more beautiful than American women, but who thanks to war torn communism, can’t afford the luxuries of life, and thanks to an abundance of hot women, can’t really compete with for the local millionaires, billionaires, and mail order American buyers….so they either turn to porn, webcams or if they are tall enough…modeling…which is what I guess this model, Eva Doll, has done…and in doing that…tits have been shown…nipples have been seen…and love has happened…all over my pants…at least it would….if this was the 80s, I was 15, and I wasn’t so desenitized to sexuality, nudity thanks to internet porn…and I had enough testosterone left in me to get a boner….

All this to say…I liek Eva Doll…

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Eva Doll Titties for Fashion of the Day

I am going to assume that Eva Doll is not this girls real name but it is instead her stripper name, the name they are trying to use to brand her and develop her as her own entity, only instead of being an actual stripper, who get paid 10 dollars a song to let strangers, often unshowered strangers, fondle her…..she’s the kind of strirpper who is models for photographers in the pretentious world of fashion…and you know what…I still get to see her tits, so it is virtually one in the same, just marketed differently…like a money grubbing trophy wife who married a billionaire is no officially a hooker getting 150 dollars a session, but she’s still a fucking whore….the model version….

This Eva Doll bitch is hot.

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