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EVE’s Tit Slip of the Day

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The reason I know it is my Birthday is not because I have a calendar, or all the facebook love I am getting…it’s these pics of Eve’s tit falling out because I never get what I want…and this is something I never wanted…

I would never say this is some National Geographic tit, because that would be racist, or that it is cultural appropriation because she’s dyed her hair like a WHITE PERSON….but I will say the first set of tits I ever saw were black tits in National Geographic as a kid…and I’ve always wanted to feed off a pair…just not this pair….


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Eve’s Shitty See Through of the Day

This is supposed to be pictures of Eve. She is the ghetto rapper bitch with paw tattoos on her tits, a tattoo that inspired so many strippers to follow her lead, because like any great ad exec will tell you, the paw print on the tit represents animal instinct of wanting to put your paws all up and down her tits, it’s on some deep psychological level, even if the tits aren’t substantial, it’s like some kind of McDonald’s ad that makes me want to have a Big Mac, only instead of Big Macs, it’s rapper tit….and unfortunately this see thru is so shitty you can’t even see the tattoos that paved the way for some many gutter whores dancing on poles…you can’t see nipple…all you can really see is bra strap and there’s nothing hot about that…unless of course you have an Eve fetish, in which case, you may want to have that shit looked at, cuz that’s just not normal.

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Eve’s Showing Off Her Stupid Paw Print Tattoo of the Day

You have no idea how many trashy fat blonde chicks I’ve seen with their tits busting out of their shirts with the same tattoo Eve introduced back when she was relevant. I’m not sure if they did it because it is a gutter thing, or if it was because they were trying to lure in black cock since it is the only kind of cock willing to fuck them because no other cock fits in their fat cunts, but I do know that it wasn’t hot at all and if they wanted to tattoo something hot on their tits, they’d tattoo my cum dripping off their chin and onto the shit….not that that would be hot…but I like leaving my mark, even on fat chicks, I just don’t like admitting it to myself or my friends….

Pics via Fame

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Eve’s Let’s Her Paws Out on the Beach of the Day

I’ve got myself a case of Jungle Fuckin Fever today because of last nights experience with the best lap dance I’ve ever had in my life and it came from a black chick.

I don’t know what they teach these girls in Africa, but it’s definitely got something to do with Rhythm and Dance. I’ll admit that I was kinda skeptical at first, you know with the whole AIDS epidemic over there but then I remembered that God invented AIDS to kill the gays and that means I can’t catch it.

So to follow-up to my Naomi Campbell post, here’s some black titty action for you with a little Eve on the beach in a bikini showing off her shitty paw tattoos that I don’t understand, but they do remind me of the zoo, or the nature channel, or the jungle but that could be unrelated.

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I am – Eve’s Got Some Fuckin’ Cleavage of the Day


I got some hate mail that I don’t post enough black girls, because apparently some of you people are black or into black chicks an I am for welcoming different ethnicities because drunenstepfather is a worldly organization that doesn’t close it’s doors on anyone, because I can’t. It’s the internet and you can’t tell who’s who or what’s what and that’s why I don’t have enough hot girls reading this shit.

Either way, here are some pictures of Eve’s cleavage because rumor has it that she’s black and not just wearing make-up, even though she probably hopes those shitty tattoos were make up, because now they are there for life. I asked this black dude I know from the building what he thought of Eve’s tits and he told me they were small, so she’s obviously rockin’ a push-up bra, and despite it being misleading as shit, I’ll never bang Eve, so I’m happy lookin’ at her cleavage no matter where shit came from.

I knew a girl who had these massive fuckin’ tits. She told me that she wasn’t always stacked like that and that she had a choice to make when she was in her 20s whether to save up for breast implants or eat junk food and fast food as much as possible, knowing that eventually shit would wind up in her tits. What she didn’t sign up for was the ass and gut that came with her plan, but the 5 dollars a day was still easier to spend than the $5k in one shot. It was strictly a financial decision and she’s still working the strip club and making money offering discount dances, because it turns out dudes like fat chicks when it means saving money. Cuddles.

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