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I am – Evel Knieval’s Murderer of the Day


I just found out that Evel Knieval died today. The reason I am posting it is because I think I was involved in it somehow because I made a Knieval joke yesterday to a group of 18 year old girls and I don’t really remember how it went, but they had no idea who he was so it didn’t really work as a joke.. When I told them he was a daredevil who was big in the 70s, they were just like “the 70s!?! Is he dead yet” and I said probably.

I know that assuming I have that kind of power is a little insane, but it makes me feel like I’ve got a purpose and it’s a weird coincidence because Evel Knieval doesn’t really enter my thoughts that often. So R.I.P. Evel. I didn’t mean to kill you and if I remembered my Knieval joke from yesterday to pay my final respects, I’d write it now but I don’t, because I am hungover but I’m sure you won’t mind, since you’re dead.


Read about it HERE

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