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Exclusive – Exxxotica 2013 Fort Lauderdale Round Up of the Day

I went to two days of Exxotica , a 3 dayporn convention where pornstars and cam girls meet the fans and charge them money for autographs and conversation. Some of the girls hook on the side to supplement their income since porn isn’t as lucrative as it used to be.

There was way more to my trip than my Farrah Coverage

I learned….

1- Cam girls are the future of porn stars, they make more money, have more loyal fans, are less broken and trashy and do it all from the comfort of their home. They fuck if they want and they stay clothed if they want. It is a pretty good deal and I am now trying to recruit as many girls as I can for MYFREECAMS

2- Cam girls are like the annoying person at dinner addicted to their cell phone or internet connection, obsessed with their fans, always looking at a screen, but far less annoying, because they like being watched when they masturbate, and they are nicer to talk to than porn chicks who have egos, cuz cam girls are just everyday girls who figured out it’s better to get paid to masturbate than work at the mall.

3- Porn stars can be pretty rugged, beat up, and bratty cunts who think they are important cuz they fuck on camera for 1000 dollars a scene. They can be annoying to listen to talk because they are stupid as shit, but for the most part, even the horrible ones you know are insane, are great entertainment and that’s why we were there.

I got there pretty much when it started because I had nothing better to do and Exxxotica was the only reason we were in Fort Lauderdale so why the fuck not. In the first 5 minutes there was a stripper behind chains, a fat ass, a Hugh Hefner lookalike every idiot in the place though was Hugh Hefner even though Hefner is dead…but not as dead as the girl who passed the fuck out.

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