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The Kardashian’s in Some Scripted Miami Bullshit of the Day

Here are the Kardashian sisters bullshitting the world in Miami while filming their bullshit show. I am not sure what went on in their mother’s womb when that bitch Khloe was developing but I assume it involves living next to powerlines, or even steroid treatement for asthma or something that seeped into her placenta. What I am sure of is that this bitch is a fuckin’ monster and the fact that dudes fuck her confuses me, but not as much as it probably confuses them, you know with trying to hide their tranny porn obsession from their family and friends and shit, cuz only getting off to tits if there is a dick attached is nothin’ but confusing, hell that shit isn’t even made in fuckin’ nature, it’s some futuristic sci-fi shit and I’m sure you know all about that.

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