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Katy Perry is a Sloppy Mess of the Day

Katy Perry tried to do some novelty pin-up girl jumping into a cake for her novelty song that has made her more than just novelty money and novelty famous, which is too bad because I am ready for her and her fuckin’ joke that rapes me almost everyday to go away.

She was at the MTV Latin awards, whenever the fuck those were and she slipped and fell when covered in cake and couldn’t get up. That whole stunt was pretty fucking fat of her and along with kissing girls and liking it, Katy Perry like eating and before the coke addiction and fame, her body proved that she liked it. So apparently, giant cakes aren’t just my wife’s fantasies I used to make fun of her about, along with her dreams of swimming pools filled with chocolate sauce, trees made of licorice, snow being cotton candy, our couch being a giant donut and pretty much all things around her being edible treats, and apparently this idea came to chubby Katy Perry in her chubby dreams she started having when the record label told her to stop eating, but none of that matters, I know that you like girls covered in food because you like girls pretty much covered in anything remotely similar to the consistency of your cum, so I’ll post it for you and I like seeing Katy Perry fail, so I’ll post it for me. Here’s hoping the next video I get of her is of her getting hit kissing the front of a bus and liking it as it runs her and the potential of her making any more music to ruin my life over.

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