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Shauna Sand’s Family Day at the Beach of the Day

Shauna Sand spent a wholesome day with her kids at the beach and she didn’t forget her “makes me feel like I am still young and have it going on, you know like back when Playboy was knockin on my door because stupid fake tits were relevant, and people cared about seeing them naked” boyfriend who she clearly has on payroll. She needs him around to grab her ass, otherwise the silicone gets all hard and doesn’t fall nicely, it’s pretty much his job and orders from the surgeon.
We’ve all seen her in this bikini before, it’s boring, repetitive and the only excitement it all brings is what the hell is her daughter going to be like when she turns 18, will she take her mom’s lead and be a dirty, disgusting whore, or did has being brought up with money, given her a better outlook on life, one where she is embarrassed by this trash leading to her not inviting Shauna Sand to her wedding, I guess we’ll have to wait and find out. Stay tuned.

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