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Fanny Francois and Sabrina Nait for Some Bikini Campaign of the Day


I don’t know who these models – Fanny Francois and Sabrina Nait are…

I just know that they are stars of this bathing suit campaign for some bathing suit company that reminds me that bathing suits are totally fucking saturated on the internet…

At any given time, I can log into my instagram and normal everyday girls are posting bikini pics, and not just once in a blue moon or once a year at the beach vacation, but all the fucking time…and when every single girl posts these bikini selfies almost weekly because they get the most likes…all the content sort of blends into each other and remain totally uninspiring…

What used to be just a yearly Sports Illustrated magazine, has become every decent looking girl in the world on a weekend..posing like a model, without feeling like the asshole she clearly is, posing like an asshole…all for her social media…

So the whole thing is pretty empty, and boring, but has bikinis in it, they just don’t talk to my soul or even my penis hey way they should…and I don’t think it’s because I’m overly desensitized, I can power through this…I think it is because the world is overly desensitized…

So what’s next? I mean other thank posting this nonsense…

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Fanny Francois Is Hot for HUIT Lingerie of the Day

I once did a post on this Belgian model and her blue Belgian waffle called THE WORST LINGERIE CATALOG EVER ….

I called her out as some aspiring model, probably willing to let Terry Richardson cum on her face to get ahead, but who instead is booking some jobs, like this one for HUIT Magazine, that reminds me that if shot properly, and cheap, weird looking model can look amazing, and more importantly it reminds me that I can fall in love with pictures of models…without even knowing if the girl in the picture is the worst fucking thing ever…because I know I won’t ever meet her, which cancels out all that noise like personality…


Here she is in some topless video from December

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Fanny Francois in the Worst Lingerie Catalog Ever of the Day

Fanny Francois is from Belgium, she is signed to an agency, which isn’t saying much, considering I know fat girls signed to agencies, because it doesn’t cost agencies money to sign a girl, but they can make money if the girl goes onto have sex with the right people….

She probably lives in New York with the other models, in some one room apartment, where they slam 12 young dumb babes into until they start making money for the company, but where they usually just develop insecurities, a coke addiction and a need to fuck rockstars to get out of the hell they are living….

But sometimes, they get jobs, that they get excited for, because finally they have 500 dollars to put on their credit card…and here’s Fanny Francois, a model who may not be all that low level, I am too lazy to look it up, looking like she was pulled out of the gutter, thrown into panties and photoshopped to shit.

I have an healthy obsession with hating catalog shoots, and this is the worst of seen, so bad it’s good.

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