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Farah Holt Tits Out for Fashion of the Day

Farah Holt Tits Out for Fashion

THIS was the only instagram I could find for Farah Holt, don’t quote me on this being the girl with her tits out for fashion above. We have posted her before HERE

Look at the artistry, as she makes her titty commentary on the commercialization of society, where people fill the void in their soul through shopping and spending money they don’t have, accumulating things they don’t need, all while polluting our Oceans with their single use plastic, like the plastic bag she’s wearing.

Ridiculous really, but nipples!


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Farah Holt Ass for Some Brand of the Day


I don’t fucking know or care about Farah Holt….but apparently – I’ve posted about her – WHEN SHE WAS NUDE MODELING – AS THESE MODELS DO (titties no pussy because WTF trick)….she also did NON NUDE PLAYBOY WHEN PLAYBOY DECIDED TO BE NON NUDE LIKE A BUNCH OF ASSHOLES WHO DON’T SHOW ASSHOLES ….

So I guess I do know who Farah Holt is, but my brain doesn’t remember shit, alcohol is a neurotoxin, and I would argue that she’s interchangeable to everyone in her life. From the rich guys who she dates, to the companies that hire her, there are a million girls just like her – willing to get in a one piece leotard, one of my favorite articles of clothing because it’s willingness to touch pussy, asshole and nipples at the same time, an article of clothing I aspire to be – by my hands just are good enough yet…and probably never will be…

One of the pictures has a nipple…

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Farah Holt for Playboy US of the Day


Here’s a model named Farah Holt for Playboy’s latest Non-Nude issue, where she’s nude in at least one picture, you just aren’t allowed to see it, because Playboy is like a shitty ex girlfriend you used to cum on while she ate your ass, who won’t even send you a pic of her pussy for old times…all because of AD DOLLARS and some kind of bullshit rebrand…

But it gives people like Farah Holt, who have been trying to make it as a model, in at least one or two naked shoots for reputable magazines, and pervert photographers, only to be virtually ignored, she’s only got 20,000 followers in a world where the girl who works my coffee shop has 100,000 followers…JUST NOT FOR PLAYBOY…because they like ruining all things good, like girls willing to get naked because of their brand name, hell this bitch gets naked for anyone, and here Playboy, a name that could trick even the most conservative girl to get naked, isn’t taking advantage…pretty fucking rude of them…fuck them all..remmeber – in frat logic that we shouldn’t live by – cockteasing sluts get raped…so please rape Playboy.

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Farah Holt Naked for Sam Livm of the Day

I am love Farah Holt…not because I actually care who she is…or know who she is…or what she does or what inspires her…or what her dreams and aspirations are…but because she SHOWS HER NIPPLE IN ELLE but more importantly…gets totally naked for this magazine…but strategically totally naked…so that I can’t see her asshole…which is a fail shot by a photographer named Sam Livm…

This love is as real as love needs to be…you know soul mates that haven’t come together yet, but that I’ll try to cum to one day when bored, becasue naked for fashion pics…are porn to me…if I take enough viagra…

but then again…Tall, skinny, UK model body, getting naked…to advance careers…is my viagra…

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Farah Holt in a Bikini of the Day

I am a huge fan of Farah Holt

Sure, I have not followed her on social media, even after posting her nipple back in 2013, and not because I am playing hard to get, but because I wasn’t really inspired to remember who she is…

But that doesn’t mean this love isn’t real…even if I don’t know she really exists, because these bikini pics are real…and when bikini pics of her or any girl for some bullshit campaign drop, I feel nothing but romance…

Maybe it’s got nothing to do with her tall, skinny, UK model body, and everything to do with bikini pics…no matter how boring the shots are…but who’s asking questions when all I am thinking about is the snorkel I’ll need to use to breath when I bury my face in her ass…

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Farah Holt Nipple for Elle Mexico of the Day

I’ve never heard of Farah Holt, she’s some up and coming UK model, who got a job showing some nipple while wearing bikinis for Elle Mexico, and despite having little to no fan base, she’s making moves and I appreciate that, especially since it involves showing some nipple, and half naked, young model body, that blows my fucking mind when in pictures. I support her hustle, and hope she goes places, as long as those places are her paying her dues to the industry through nudity, because let’s face it, any excuse to get any girl naked, especially when that excuse is career advancement, is highly erotic, especially when she looks like this.

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